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Trippy earth piece

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

Image by ici et ailleurs via Flickr


Psychedelic art paintings are mainly inspired by the artist’s psychedelic experiences induced by hallucinogenic mind-expanding substances such as psilocybin, LSD, MDMA and mescaline……


In Fear And Faith


Image by BeFrank via Flickr

in fear and faith forever changed my life………. I was young kid, fourteen years old, entering my first year of high school when I first heard this album. At that time, I was lost in life. Once I listened, That moment changed my life. I heard that song and it opened my eyes to a completely different world, one with meaning and one that was filled with music.



Cannibal Forest

How to Hold Pets - 1

Image via Wikipedia

it looks like the tree is going to eat the flower and the cat is curious… ” curiosity killed the cat”.


Life Drawing class in the Foundation Visual Ar...

Image by vancouverfilmschool via Flickr

this picture looks so spiritual and psychadelic. there is so much detail in the picture…. i wonder how long it took the artist to draw…

Come Follow Me…

Gyo Fujikawa

Image by Rosa Pomar via Flickr

If There Was Ever A Book That Fueled My Imagination Throughout My Childhood To The Present… It Would be Gyo Fujikawa‘s Come Follow Me, A book Comprising of A Bunch Of Cute Short Little Stories And Poems. Most Of The Pages Are Full Of Dipictions and Beautiful Illustrations, Like The Cover.

An Amazing Book For A Freakin Dollar….

Come Follow Me by Gyo Fujikawa (Used, New, Out-of-Print) – Alibris

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