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Upular (Pixar Remix)





Annie Sprinkle as The Neo Sacred Prostitute

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this video is bad ass!!. it has a catchy tune, i found it one day while looking for randomness on youtube and fell in love instantly. The little boy is just too adorably fat and cute…

i give Disney and Pixar props for this movie and Pogo for this Video remix





The Greatest Lie

Art cover for John Donne's divine poems

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This song has inspired some of my best works of art. When i listen to this song, i feel heavenly. An ethereal mix that floated me above the wards. It projected me and I was lost in the melodies at the same time. An original voice with such urgency.

I live for this song, i fell in love to this song…


i Thought This Was So kool when i saw it, who knew you could make art out of broccoli.

i love how the artist made this picture look like a forest with a trail running through it…. and the little latter gives it that nice touch…

im not sure if the background is potatoes or if its just a picture of an actual waterfall…





Deltron Zero

Clint Eastwood

The head-on collision in the "Deep" ...

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The first song I ever heard from them, its defenitely one of my favorites… the music video and all the animation was so different than what i was used to seeing…


On Melancholy Hill

Defenitely a good video, i liked it a lot….


This music video is by far my favorite gorillaz video… i lovved the fact that bruce willis is actually in it and that they are also 3D!

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