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Upular (Pixar Remix)





Annie Sprinkle as The Neo Sacred Prostitute

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this video is bad ass!!. it has a catchy tune, i found it one day while looking for randomness on youtube and fell in love instantly. The little boy is just too adorably fat and cute…

i give Disney and Pixar props for this movie and Pogo for this Video remix





My Heart Is A Drummer

Brice Woodall - Winter Break Down Away (Music ...

Image by Rob Boudon via Flickr

This song is from Allo Darlin’

This song has a nice cute melody and the music videos real cute and funny too….

Official TRON Legacy Soundtrack Daft Punk Poster (via )

Daft Punk

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I Want This so Bad!!!!!

Official TRON Legacy Soundtrack Daft Punk Poster  For the release of the official TRON Legacy Soundtrack there will also be a special edition poster. Produced by none other than Daft Punk, which most of you should know by now, the two French musicians of course also appear on the poster to the album, which changes in the dark. via: highsnobiety



The “Smells LIke Teen Spirit”/ “Final Countdown” Mashup is pretty frikken sick……

I cant seem to stop singing along

BomBay Bicycle Club

The British indie rock band Farrah in 2009.

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so i just heard this british indie rock band called bombay bicycle club, and i must say they’re pretty good if your into indie…..

In Fear And Faith


Image by BeFrank via Flickr

in fear and faith forever changed my life………. I was young kid, fourteen years old, entering my first year of high school when I first heard this album. At that time, I was lost in life. Once I listened, That moment changed my life. I heard that song and it opened my eyes to a completely different world, one with meaning and one that was filled with music.



The Greatest Lie

Art cover for John Donne's divine poems

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This song has inspired some of my best works of art. When i listen to this song, i feel heavenly. An ethereal mix that floated me above the wards. It projected me and I was lost in the melodies at the same time. An original voice with such urgency.

I live for this song, i fell in love to this song…

Daft Punk Swedish TV Interview

Robot Rock, Coachella 2006

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Pretty awesome interview inside the robot heads of Daft Punk! It seems that their simple love for making music has pushed them to the top electronic duo without even  craving it.

The French Duo musical duo known as Daft Punk are interviewed on SVT (Swedish Television Network).

Dwarfed Punk


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Check out this remix music video on daft punks technologic….

the video itself is a remade clip of snow-white and the seven dwarves, but it’s edited to fit the music and is very cute and funny, defenitly liked it a lot.

In the beginning the little forest animals are dancing along with the beat 🙂

Terror Of My Speedcore

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